The Autumn Settler Hive Experience ‘with special guest @_housefrau’

So you are fascinated with bees? We get it, so are we (smiling).

Come visit with us, at our house and refresh and reset yourself. Around like minded humans over a delicious seasonal local lunch with drinks in the prettiest ceramics. Get as close as you want to inside the beehive & learn everything you always wanted to know about bees & seeds & flowers.

Thanks to our special guest, Sabine Bannard @_housefrau, you'll be inspired and learn how to visually document your own stories!

Why? Both us and Sabine feel strongly about 2020 being about regeneration.

A year where we need to unite in doing our bit to help the ecosystem become resilient and stronger. Though it sounds far fetched, every little positive action can snowball into change for the better. Simply planting crops and flowers helps the endangered pollinator population vastly.

And there is a deeper passion we know, wanting to feel refreshed, seizing opportunities and a connection with nature so we can learn from it and live with it not just use it. Time to inspire others to do the same. Enter...:

The Autumn Settler Hive experience

The Details:

When: Choose between
Saturday 2nd May 1-6:30pm
or Sunday 3rd May 8.30 - 2pm

How many participants: a small & fun group of 7

Cost: $350 per person and we can promise;

> Two relaxed sessions over the afternoon or morning that cover both;
Beehive topics (for your soul) & insight into Photography (for your passion)

> Good food (sweet included)
& drinks to fill (of the wine type and sparkling water kind)

> Thoughtful takeaways for your own keepsakes. Including;
A Settler Hives - Honey Filled Growler;
Settler Hives Seed Set,
Housefrau recipe in print and
your very own personalized Zilvi fabric covered journal
with a total value at over $120 themselves.

What you can expect on the day:

Beehive topics //
About the smoker.
What we are looking for every time we open the hive.
Basic home remedies for combatting common bee hive problems (e.g. chalkbrood, hive beetle, american foul brood disease).
How important seasonal seeds/plants are and tips to plan ahead.
Why we care about bees and what helpful things you can do every day.

Photography hands on lessons will include //
If you use a dslr camera, how to get off automatic and why you should.
How to take amazing pictures with your iPhone.
How to document your own stories (let's start with bees) on social media and which format works best for which social media channel.
Small introduction into how to use natural light.

To bring:
An open mind, a love for bees & seeds & flowers, a camera or a phone
and did you notice we said we'll supply the stationary for keepsake notes?

Who is the workshop for:
Like Minded friends of friends who would like to getaway for the day and bee inspired (too soon?). Honestly, anyone wanting to get up close with the bees, soak in how to create a better bee friendly environment and take home valuable new skills to share/document and create content on social media.

Rough plan of the day:
Meet and hydration
Straight into it - Let's open the beehive
Chat about various beehive topics
Photo session - hands on
Good grazing food with plenty of time for covering more topics on bees and how to share the content on social media.
Lunch and cake.

About the hosts

Settler hives are: Hayley & Roger Mason
It started with two beehives in our backyard when we were living on a blueberry farm in Canada. Now we don't just keep bees, we feed them! We want to create feel good products that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside. With flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. Ultimately by feeding the bees, we are feeding ourselves.

Savour life outdoors – feed your soul, eyes and colony.

Housefrau is : Sabine Bannard

Sabine Bannard, is a south-east Queensland based photographer specialising in lifestyle, food & product photography, for small sustainable businesses and various publications & websites. Her style is often described as uncomplicated and authentic, capturing the simplicity of ordinary moments.
With a background in hospitality, wine & music television in Germany, Sabine eventually found herself photographing food and ceramics, and telling visual stories of the humans behind small businesses.

Some clients Sabine has worked with: Settler Hives, Gather Store, Pipit restaurant Pottsville, Empty Bowls Gold Coast, Outland Denim, Destination Scenic Rim, Comfort & Calm Ceramics.
Publications: Dr Libby books, Gourmet Traveller, Clay, Peppermint Magazine,
Good Food Australia


The fine print:

**please leave a note for us if you have dietary requirements

Weather will play a bit of role in cracking open the beehives so...pray for clear skies just for the day!!

As the organizers and stewards of your good money if for some reason we don’t believe the dates selected for the weekend will do it justice we will cancel and refund your ticket in full. We will only do this with at least 48hrs notice and only if absolutely necessary. We cannot take any responsibility for the weekend accommodation, travel or other experiences incurred. We are expecting a minimum of four guests per workshop to maximize this opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this ticket you agree and understand that we are in no way agreeing or able to take the liability for any incidents or injuries that may occur with or without the bees. You accept full risk and responsibility and understand we do not keep an epi-pen (should you be stung) on-site. In the case of emergency, 000 will be dialled for urgent medical support.

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