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'Twelve seed varieties included to inspire you to live a conscious life.'

We are so proud to collaborate with Conscious Calendar Co. to bring you the very first Seed Calendar of its kind.

Starting January 2021 you can enjoy a new enriching way to plan your days and embrace the seasons. To learn, grow and be inspired.

As you turn the pages month by month, you'll see the beauty of simple moments of life at home through each season.

This calendar is more than just learning about when to plant certain varieties of flowers and herbs. This is also a narrative reminding us that what we enjoy in the moment, was intentionally thought about three months ago by planting a simple seed.

Our manifesto when dreaming up this calendar was all about taking the pressure off planting. Reminding each other that it is ok to experiment, don't be afraid of trial and error and reflect natures patience. Lean into the process, slow and steady. Be aware of natures timing and see the broader picture. The very full circle of life. When we plant flowers we are providing food (nectar and pollen) for pollinators which in return helps our pollinators thrive in health, increasing the quality and quantity of our food (that we love to eat!).  

Includes; 20+ seeds per variety/month on a biodegradable string making it easy to plant, even for us non green thumbs. Just put the string on a bed of fresh soil, dust a little soil over the top and away you go.

JANUARY - Alyssum, lobularia marítima 'carpet of snow'

FEBRUARY - Basil, ocimum basilico 'sweet genova'

MARCH - Mint, mentha x piperita 'peppermint'

APRIL - Poppy, papaver nudicaule 'iceland'

MAY - Parsley, petroselinium crispum 'italian leaf'

JUNE - Larkspur, delphinium consolida ‘pink’ 

JULY - Common Daisy, bellis perennis 'White'

AUGUSTLavender, lavandula angustifolia 'munstead'

SEPTEMBER - Queen Anne's Lace, false ammji majus

OCTOBER - Stock, matthiola incana 'apricot'

NOVEMBERAster, tower chamois china 'apricot

DECEMBERZinnia, elegans 'scabiosa mix'

Good news we can ship all across Australia.

 *Positive vibes only, please double check your local planting times

Photography, styling & art direction by Golden Goods: 
Twahn McMahon @the__goldengoods
Sabine Bannard @_housefrau