$132 [$120 + GST] That's right! Your seasonal collection of seeds arriving in your mailbox right when you need to plant them without having to think about it. Ideal.

We'll make sure that the seeds you receive inside each set will be good to grow sometime in the three months after they land in your hands - FOUR times a year! Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring! 

Good intentions people - we like it. We'll always include a variety of food & flower seeds to make your garden interesting.

Your first set will coincide with what is ready to plant now and then seasonally thereafter.

~ 7 Seed Packets in each

The Summer Seed Set 

The Autumn Seed Set

The Winter Seed Set

The Spring Seed Set

Our mailing boxes have how to plant instructions under the lid. We try to make it easier than googling it. If you like, your box can be recycled or up cycled as a starter planter box.

*Positive vibes only, our seasonal planting times is very much a guide for the southern hemisphere. As you know, so many different variables can effect this.