You’ve got enough to think about. Your mother’s birthday. The menu for this weekend’s BBQ. What colour to paint your nails. That’s a lot of brain power.

Thankfully, with the annual subscription, a collection of seeds will arrive in your mailbox right when you need to plant them. No brain power needed. Back to those birthday plans...

Four times a year, we’ll send you seven seed packets that are good to sow that season. We’ll also ensure there’s a variety of both food and flower seeds to keep things interesting. We’ll start with whatever season you’re in now, and then go from there. Man, what a no-brainer!

The annual subscription includes:

  • 4 seed packets four times a year (that’s 16 seed packets!)
  • A combination flower varieties (e.g Edible Flowers, Wild Flowers, Flower Nectar etc) each season
  • Planting instructions
  • The joy of knowing your gardening is basically on autopilot

Please note: our planting guides are very much for the southern hemisphere. As you know, so many different variables can affect this.