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A life-giving gift

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Feed your soul, eyes and colony.

Savour Life Outdoors

A life lived is a life celebrated.

Beeswax Candles

The first of its kind: 8 home compostable seed sachets presented in a cute crowd-pleasing box. Kinda like a diy bouquet of flowers...

A Year of Seeds

Hand-rolled organic beeswax. At least 45 minutes of clean burn time (or 180 well-paced renditions of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU).

Beeswax Candles

From her poetry collection "the stars nodded", our special edition seed packet is one of a kind.

Tess Guinery



Settler Hives is about encouraging you to embrace the simplicity of being outside.

The simple act of planting a seed cultivates not just beautiful gardens and pots, but a sense of connection.

We create products that are good for the environment and good for the soul. From home compostable seed sachets to honey growlers you can fill with local honey to gifts that inspire your loved ones.

We’re not afraid to have a little less and live a little more.


Feed your soul, eyes and colony

Savour life outdoors

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Our seeds are guaranteed

Our seeds are guaranteed

You may have noticed that our home compostable packaging has an expiry date for the end of 2024. We set this date very conservatively, so we could test everything about our new home compostable pa...

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What's the big deal about beeswax?

What's the big deal about beeswax?

Choosing our organic beeswax birthday candles isn’t just a beautiful gift to yourself. It's giving back in many more ways than that – boosting your health by clearing the air you breathe, steering ...

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Yep, honey is flavoured (by flowers!)

Yep, honey is flavoured (by flowers!)

Did you know that honey's flavour can vary significantly based on the flowers that bees visit to collect nectar? In Australia, with its diverse flora, the impact of different flowers on honey flavo...

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