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Article: Behind the Scenes of our Collaboration with Tess Guinery

Behind the Scenes of our Collaboration with Tess Guinery

Behind the Scenes of our Collaboration with Tess Guinery

What a delight it is to include a very special seed packet in collaboration with with Tess Guinery and her third book ‘The Stars Nodded’, along with our new range releasing this month.


There is no one like you

You are one of a kind

Your heart is like the flowers

And so is your mind

– @thestarsnodded


Tess Guinery – “​​a dancer by upbringing, a designer by trade, and an artist by calling” – lives and works in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

 "I have three daughters. One of the prettiest sentences I ever did speak." - The Moonflower Monologues 


What a precious process this collaboration has been!  

You most likely first found Tess’ poetry yourself through her inspiring original work The Apricot Memoirs, her first book, with her iconic rainbow art. I remember reading The Apricot Memoirs for the first time, and it was as though my heart had been held, understood and whispered back to me – and I know I’m not alone. Tess’ collection of poetry and illustration took the world by storm.

Tess’s second collection of words, The Moonflower Monologues, launched shortly after the arrival of her twin daughters, and her most recent work The Stars Nodded was released as a self-published art piece in November 2021. Isn't she incredible friends!

When we first started the conversations with Tess to collaborate I was delighted! After years of following her on Instagram, here I was, able to be a part of her world and ideas. She filled me with confidence and I was dancing with concepts working with pieces from The Moonflower Monologues. Unexpectedly, not long after we started the process, I was off emails completely, sick with constant nausea (I found out I was indeed pregnant with our very own third daughter - Lake, who is now three months old).

Tess was right in the middle of a new release herself, her most recent book: The Stars Nodded. I cannot express more dearly what a beautiful, wonderful book of dreaming it is for children (and parents)  alike. It sits permanently on the most prized position of our living room cabinet for easy access to this day. When I was feeling much better and in the second trimester of my pregnancy (finally able to think straight/er), we picked up the conversation again and with it her latest colourful book. Her stars! Our cosmos! How perfect is it?! And just in time for spring.

Tess’ (he)art and words, like water and sunshine, enabled this collaboration to grow.

It is our dream that one day, Roger and I would be able to have our entire range of seeds – over 60 varieties of flowers, garden greens and herbs – in these new home compostable sachets. So this opportunity to launch our first eight varieties and include Tess Guinery really has given us confidence to start with a bright collision.

Thank you Tess for believing in our life’s work; spreading love! Thank you thank you thank you.

Ultimately by feeding the bees, we are feeding each other.


PS. Our limited edition seed packet with Tess will be available from 20 October 2022.

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